GRASS GIS is a free and open source desktop geographic system and geospatial analytics library which serves as a platform for open science. It is licensed under GNU GPL.

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Learn how to use GRASS GIS:

Official website and download:

Recording your work in GRASS GIS

In GUI Layer Manager save output window or save command prompt into log file.

When working in shell (terminal) commands are saved in history file.

Reviewing history

See the file where the history is saved:


Review the history:


Make a backup of the currently used history file:

cp $HISTFILE workflow.txt

Store the unsaved history to the file:

history -a

Data provenance

Basic raster map matedata with command used to create the map: elevation

The provenance information by itself: -h elevation

The provenance of a vector map (series of commands and additional information): -h lakes

Examples of how GRASS GIS is used to publish research

Here is couple of examples of how GRASS GIS was used to publish and disseminate research.


FUTURES urban model currently being developed at NCSU as GRASS GIS module.

Temporal framework

Temporal framework for managing and analyzing time series developed by Soeren Gebbert an a part of GRASS GIS.




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