Geospatial Modeling and Analysis

Projects Fall 2012

Project titles by topics.

Solar energy potential analysis

  • Case, Steven Michael: Reventure Park Solar Radiation Analysis
  • Eruja,Olushayo Simbiat: Buildings of Highest Potential for Solar Energy in North Raleigh, NC
  • Dawson,Kyle William - Radiation Risk Assessment for three Nuclear Sites in North Carolina
  • Johnston,Peter Worth - Buildings/Areas of Highest Potential for Solar Energy in Downtown Greensboro, NC
  • Frate, Domenico Carlo - Solar Energy Potential of County-Owned Structures - Fayette County, Georgia
  • Greco,Justin R. - Measuring the Impact of Shadows from New Buildings in Downtown Raleigh
  • Loomis,Janet Lynn - Optimal Passive Solar Home Locations for 15 Acres of Land in Alleghany County, North Carolina
  • Pare,Matthew Jean - Solar Radiation and Settlement Patterns at the Ravensford Site in Swain County, North Carolina
  • Tanner,Joshua Matthew - Analysis of solar radiation for business and residential use in Charleston, South Carolina

Coastal environment analysis

  • Bendell,Bonnie M - An Analysis of the Sand Movement around Oregon Inlet Terminal Groin
  • Bourne,Roy Brandon-Hazards Preparedness of Ocracoke Island to Flooding Caused By Hurricane Irene
  • Karanci,Ayse - Estimation of Dune Reservoirs in Pea Island Coast for Hurricane Irene
  • Fritz,Kelly De Wayne - Inlet Migration and Beach Erosion for Mason's Inlet Wrightsville Beach, NC
  • Lapidus, Daniel - Vulnerability of Salvo, North Carolina to Sea Level Rise
  • Radecki,Andrew Martin Modeling the Water Budget across Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge
  • Verqopolan Da Rocha, Noemi: Post-processing of Data From a Numerical Hydrodynamic Model
  • Collins, Travis John Assessment of hurricane impact?

Watershed analysis and flood modeling

  • Boyina,Ramana Prasad V: Development of DEM from Lidar Bare Earth Data and it’s Application in Hydrology
  • Graves,Michael Kienle - Flood Risk Analysis of the Little River in Goldsboro, NC
  • Dolan,Terrence Patrick - Assessing the Flood Risk of Camden County Evacuation Routes
  • Rosado,Andrew - Risk Analysis of Possible Hazardous Waste Flow Accum. for Site Suitability of Vineyards in Wake County, NC
  • Culler,Megan Elaine - Identification of high-risk areas for erosion in Bolin Creek watershed
  • Stec,Michael Stephen - Identification of New Potential Flood Hazard Areas Based On Varying Rainfall Intensities in Winterville, NC
  • Tramel,Patrick Glenn - Levee breach Analysis and flood modeling (Kennewick, WA.)
  • Watson,Joseph Scott - Watershed and Land Use Analysis in Pitt County, North Carolina.

Paths, trails and site selection

  • Baker,Jason: Urban Development Suitability Analysis at the Municipal Level: A Case Study in Chapel Hill, NC
  • Carter,Christopher Daniel - Least Cost Pedestrian Paths In and Around Downtown Raleigh, NC
  • Crain,Adam Edward - Locating available parcels for optimal cellphone tower coverage in New Hanover County.
  • Colwin,Matthew Raymond - Least Cost Path Analysis for Potential New Trail(s) at Wind Cave National Park
  • Heller,Elizabeth Gross - Walking Access to Open Space: A Cost Study
  • Martin, Blake Robert: Hanging Rock State Park Recreational Use Enhancement
  • McLean,Brian Lawrence: Exploring Expanding the Appalachian Trial South
  • Mao, Yuchen - Suitable Site Selection of Convenience Store in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • Miller,Anna Behm - Least cost path analysis of informal trails: A case study in Yosemite National Park meadows
  • Urban, James - Pine Sawtimber Demand Changes in Eastern North Carolina 2005 and 20012

Atmospheric science applications

  • Wootten, Adrienne: Evaluation of Spatial Interpolation Techniques for Bias Correction of Stage IV Precip. Estimates
  • Trueblood,Jonathan Vern Analysis of the 2011 North Carolina Tornado Outbreak

GIS tools and modules development

  • Ansari,Steven Richard - GE-GRASS: A Google Earth Plugin based viewer and user interface for GRASS GIS
  • Verkerke,Joshua Lokomaika'i: Use of UAVSAR Polarimetric Data to generate a Topographic Raster