Geospatial Modeling and Analysis

Schedule and links to material for the Distance Education section

Schedule will be adjusted as needed during the semester. Assignments, which are due at the same date, should be delivered in a single report.

Week Lecture/Assignment Topic and Project Tasks Assignment due date
August 22 Introduction to the Course (Course instructions, management and resources)
August 26-30 1. Geospatial Data Introduction, getting started with open source GIS September 3
September 2-6 2.A Geospatial Data: Models September 17
September 9-13 2.B Geospatial Data: Display and visualization
Project pre-proposal (1 page), submit on Moodle site (PDF file named LastnameFirstname_Preproposal.pdf)
September 17
September 16-20 3.A Geospatial Analysis: Global, zonal and focal operations, map algebra October 1
September 23-27 3.B Geospatial Analysis: Buffers, cost surfaces, least cost path
Full project proposal (2 pages), submit on Moodle site (PDF file named LastnameFirstname_Proposal.pdf)
see Proposal instructions, project resources
October 1
October 1-4 4.A Spatial interpolation: methods October 15
October 7-9 4.B Spatial interpolation: splines
Work on the project: acquire data (see data providers), process into a consistent data set
October 15
October 10-11 Fall Break
October 14-18 5.A Geomorphometry: Terrain modeling
Work on the project: analyze and visualize data, start developing workflow
October 29
October 21-25 5.B Geomorphometry: Spatial and temporal terrain analysis
Work on the project: Develop and test workflow for your analysis/modeling, identify missing data or tools
Heads up: interim project report will be due during the Midterm exam week, on November 6
Project requirements
October 29
October 28-31 6. Viewshed, solar energy potential analysis
Read info about upcoming midterm
Work on the project: Prepare project progress report (DE) or presentation(on-campus)
Fall 2019 project titles
November 5
November 5-8 Midterm and project progress report
  • On-campus section lightning talks (3 minutes) about the projects on Tuesday, Nov 5
  • Project progress report
    • Due Wednesday, November 6
    • Upload to Moodle a 2 page project progress report (see Moodle Project section) following the Project progress report instructions, Submit as a PDF file named LastnameFirstname_ProgressReport.pdf
  • Midterm exam
    • Both on-campus and DE section is handled by Moodle, no on-campus presence is needed
    • Questions are made available on Thursday, November 7 around 9 am
    • Answers are due on Saturday, November 9 at 11.45 pm, uploaded to Moodle (see Moodle Midterm section) as a PDF file named LastnameFirstname_Exam.pdf
November 6 report

November 9 exam
November 11-15 7.A Flow routing, watershed analysis
Project: Complete preliminary results, evaluate what is missing or causing problems
November 26
November 18-22 7.B Introduction to GIS-based Modeling of Geospatial Processes, Hydrologic and Erosion modeling
Project: Work on results, visualization, statistical summaries, graphical output
Fall 2019 project titles
November 26
November 25-26 Work on the project and record project presentation, on campus class presentations I
  • Fall 2019 project titles – final
  • Project presentation and paper requirements
  • DE section:
    • To record your presentation, use Open Broadcaster Software (tutorial), Screencastify, MS Powerpoint, Libre Office, or any other software with similar recording functionality. Do NOT submit recordings in SWF format (it's not supported on many systems for security reasons).
    • Post the presentation on Moodle site, or, if the file is too big, upload your file to Google drive and share it with the instructors. Keep the presentation to 10 minutes and name your file LastnameFirstname_Presentation.mp4, LastnameFirstname_Presentation.pptx (or whatever format you use).
    • Recorded presentations are due December 3.
December 3
November 27-29 Thanksgiving Break
December 2 - 6 Presentations for on-campus section
Finish project paper and post it on Moodle site as LastnameFirstname_Paper.pdf by 11pm
and submit your complete course work in a ZIP file
  • the ZIP file should include: project paper, presentation slides and all homework papers
  • Upload your work as a single ZIP file to the Google drive and share it with the instructors (HM, AP, VP).
December 6
December 9 If you missed the deadline, this is the very last day to submit your complete course work in a ZIP file, shared through Google drive, by 11pm December 9

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