Geospatial Modeling and Analysis

Projects Fall 2013

Projects organized by topics.

Coastal environment analysis, storm and tornado impacts

  • Oliva Victoria: Potential Impact of Sea Level Rise Due to Climate Change in New York City
  • Soderstrom, John: Geospatial Modeling of Retrograding Mid-Atlantic Barrier Islands: GIS Case Study for the Southern Portion of Cedar Island, Virginia
  • Strickland, Latonia: Tracking the Path of Hurricane Irene
  • Toomey Robert:GIS Analysis of May 20, 2013 Moore, Oklahoma tornado. Damage and emergency response.

Water resources and soil erosion

  • Hester Joseph: Determining the Wetland Biofiltration Potential of Drainage Canals in the Little River Watershed Section of the Albemarle Sound Based on Runoff Rates and Land Use Change
  • Fireline Jeremy: Computation of Terrain Variables between Bio-solids Land Application Sites and Drinking Water Sources in the Haw River Basin in Central North Carolina.
  • Burroughs Jon: Implementing an Open-Source Tool to Calculate Regional Snowfall Index
  • Proctor, Josh: Land Cover Changes and their effects on Soil Erosion within a Watershed
  • Rodenbeck, Jay: Soil Erosion Rates on a Study Area of Rock Creek in Jefferson County, MO

Epidemiology, biology

  • Davis Jerry: Calculation of GIS-based Risk Maps for Arbovirus in the Triangle Region of North Carolina
  • Cox Margueritte: Predicting Locations of Mosquito Habitats
  • Jones, Courtney: Marijuana Growth Trends in Central North Carolina; Chatham County, N.C.
  • Cameron, Brandon: Marijuana Growth Trends in Western North Carolina (Wilkes County, NC)

Urban applications

  • Wiggins Aaron: San Francisco: The Five Star Experience
  • Abouibrahim, Sandra : GIS Walkability Analysis of Light Rail Stations in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Severance, Sara: The use of GIS in determining new evacuation routes for the city of Boston

Recreation, utilities applications

  • Morelli William: Least Cost Path for Natural Gas Pipeline in Sandy Lake, PA
  • Hung Jui-Hsiang: Applying Viewshed and Network Analysis for Determining the Best Hiking Route in Chi-tou Forest Recreational Area


  • Hamid,Ouise Adil,
  • Kennedy,Amanda Carrie
  • Morgan,Kelly Purcell
  • Proctor,Joshua Lane
  • Smithson Amanda
  • Browder,Robert Joseph
  • Cameron,Brandon Adam
  • Cribb,David Patrick
  • Jones,Courtney Anne
  • Robinson,Erica
  • Rodenbeck,Jay Brandon