Geospatial Modeling and Analysis

Projects Fall 2014

Natural resources management (water, soil, geology)

  • Bridwell,Justin Using Vegetation, Elevation, and Lidar to Identify Underlying Shale Formations in the Deep River Valley
  • Brown,Jason USPED Erosion Model to Plan Recreational Trails – William B. Umstead State Park
  • Rusinovich,Vladimir Change in soils erosion due to landscape change

Epidemiology, biology

  • Mayer,Michelle Assessment of Camelina sativa growth potential for the Inner Coastal Plains of North Carolina
  • Stuebe,John Walter Terrain Analysis of Carolina Gopher Frog Habitat in the Sandhills Game Lands

Transportation, utilities, and search optimization

  • Atkinson,Jeannette Identify Extent of Search for Vehicle during Missing Child alert
  • Glatz,Michelle Identify and Animate Extent of Search for Missing Person
  • Dunlop,Kevin Highway to Airfield Identification
  • Radford,Andrew South River Electric Membership Corporation substation radio elevation analysis
  • White,Corey Gas Pocket Analysis in Sanitary Force Mains

Solar energy potential analysis

  • Williams,Kevin Shawn Solar Energy Potential in Downtown Raleigh, NC
  • Hartley,Dana Identify Potential Concentrated Solar Facility Sites in Nevada
  • McNamara,Christen Identifying solar energy potential on City of Asheville, NC owned facilities
  • Bray,Casey Mapping Solar Energy Potential for an area in Raleigh, NC.

Atmospheric science applications

  • Loftin,Colin Analyzing Various Relationships with NOAA's Hail Reports
  • Corbin,Nicole Controls on Locations of Heavy Precipitation during Atmospheric River Events in Northern California
  • Ely,Geneva Creating Continuous Climatological Threshold Models in North Carolina
  • Tobias,Joshua Identifying Possible Icing Locations in Raleigh, NC

GIS tools and modules development

  • Pegelow,Phillip Android-based Smartphone Environment for the collection of Geographic Data and Real-Time Processing Into 3D Map Products


Lambert,Scott, Nelson,Bridget, Robinson,Chris, Vose,Christian