Geospatial Modeling and Analysis

Projects Fall 2015

Atmospheric science

  • Bayham,Rebecca: Spatial analysis of air pollutant exposure in Durham, NC
  • Mouw,Jacob: Analysis of Wind Energy Potential in Buncombe County, North Carolina
  • Zhao,Yijia: Environmental impacts of geospatial allocation of major animal feeding operations on ambient concentrations of atmospheric pollutants in North Carolina

Management of Natural Resources

  • Busam,Jennifer: Fire effects on short term vegetation dynamics
  • Heindel,Catherine: Calculation of Average Annual Soil Loss on Circle H Ranch in Montgomery County VA
  • Herlacher,Amanda: Increasing Student Engagement and Environmental Literacy in High School Science Classes Through the Use of GIS to Perform a Water Flow Analysis of a Local Portion of a River Basin
  • Simmons,Kayelyn: Integrating GIS Analysis with Citizen Science to Investigate Lion Fish Removal Efforts
  • O'Connell,Charles: Solar Energy Potential Analysis for UNC System Schools

Applications of proximity / cost surface analysis

  • Carlton,Eric: Multi-Purpose Trail Suitability Analysis in Eastern Lincoln County, NC
  • Honda,Scott: Analysis of evacuation shelter areas in Honolulu, HI
  • Lei,Yang: Food/coffee options on and nearby NCSU main campus and route designing from Daniel Hall using least-cost path analysis
  • Sampeur,Cassandra: Travel Time Analysis for Service Location Determination
  • Meszaros,Karly: The Role of Coastal Proximity in Perceptions of Climate-Related Risk: A Cost Path Analysis

Topographic analysis

  • Lindabury,Keith: Analysis of Eklutna Glacier, Alaska, Using LIDAR data
  • Huang,Claire Coastal Dynamics of the Republic of the Marshall Islands
  • La Rosa,Cristian: GIS Topographic Feature Analysis of Historic Phosphate Mine Fields in the Lowcountry Region, South Carolina.
  • Remy,Russell R: Spatial Analysis of the Run Hill Dune and it's Effects on the Nags Head Woods

GIS development

  • Dixon Jr,Michael: Consuming ArcGIS Image Services in GRASS using Python and the ArcGIS GeoServices REST Specification
  • Matney,Jason Comparative Parsing of USFS LiDAR Point Clouds Across Three Analytical Toolkits