Geospatial Modeling and Analysis

Projects Spring 2012

Project titles by topics.

Lidar data processing and topographic analysis

  • Barlow S: Comparison of LiDAR and Ground Survey Data to Assess Accuracy and Efficiency
  • Wall J: Anthropogenic Indicators at Mammoth Cave National Park
  • Shukunobe M: Archaeological Site Prospecting Using LiDAR-derived DEM in Mammoth Cave National Park

Coastal environment analysis

  • Butts C: The Effects of Sea Level Rise to Ocracoke Island, North Carolina
  • Nau A: Time series LiDAR analysis of beach erosion and nourishment in Fort Macon State Park, North Carolina
  • Davis N: The effects of coastal erosion on the landscape of Holden Beach, NC
  • Russ E: Time Series Analysis of LiDAR data to visualize storm impact in Rodanthe, NC
  • Wilson E: Hurricane Katrina Damage: Ninth Ward and Alabama/Louisiana Barrier Islands
  • Koltonski T: Determining What New Hanover County Public Works would be affected by Different Hurricane Storm Surges
  • Spore N: Morphology of Oregon Inlet's Northern Flank, North Carolina
  • Mohler, E: The Sedimentation of Morro Bay in San Luis Obispo County, California.
  • Haven, W.T., "Geomorphology of Bear Island, Swansboro, NC."
  • Peters J: Maximizing Sampling Efficiency: Using GIS to Aid in Oyster Reef Site Selection
  • Erhardt C: Exploring the Coast of the Manitou Islands

Atmospheric science applications

  • McLamb B: "Urban Heat Island study at two Wake County weather stations"
  • L'Heureux J: "Teleconnection Pattern Impacts on Tornado Outbreaks Across the United States"
  • Cumbie R: Investigation of Variability Among Drought Indices
  • Craig C: Inter-sensor study of Precipitation Gauges and Impact Sensors.

Solar energy potential analysis

  • Shortley T: Solar Energy Potential Analysis for Alamance County, North Carolina
  • Evans M : Evaluating Solar Energy Potential for Site Design in Nine Elms, London
  • Acharya Namrata: Finding the places for Solar energy facility in Centennial Campus at NCSU
  • Vann, M: "Measuring Solar Powered Charging Station Potential in Chapel Hill/ Carrboro, NC"
  • Bhosle R: Solar Irradiation and Energy Potential around Gorman Street
  • Bassil A. : "The natural disaster and territorial defense argument for Solar Power in North Carolina"

Watershed analysis and modeling

  • Yuan Fang: Lidar data processing and Watershed analysis of Hill Demonstration Forest
  • Saine T: Analyzing and Tracing Impacts of Sanitary Sewer Overspills
  • Terblanche A: Geology of Wilderness, VA: investigating magnetic and stream development characteristics.
  • Salz M: Flood analysis of the Neuse River in Eastern Wake County, N.C. for temporary disaster relief stations.
  • Gilmore T: Analysis of surface hydrology and land use changes in an agricultural watershed in the NC coastal plain
  • Burnette, Matthew: SWAT Modeling of the Bear Creek Watershed, Eastern, NC
  • Becker, Scott: Hydrologic study for La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica
  • Bill Hardiman: An Analysis of Hydologic and Forest Attributes of Portions of Swain Co, NC
  • Bennett E: An Effective Method of Stream Extraction and Watershed Delineation for the Southeastern United States

Recreation, development, utilities and hazards applications

  • Bharodia Z : Analysis of Landslide hazards in Buncombe County, North Carolina
  • Redner J: Identifying locations for proposed ski runs in Summit County, Utah
  • Herring G: "Potential Duck Hunting Locations in Wake County"
  • Hurd R: Geospatial Hunting in Western North Carolina
  • Katherine Harden: The Charleston County Foodshed
  • Spitler E: GIS Best Site Analysis for Subdivision Land Development Activities
  • Paul Ku: Accident analysis of areas near greenways in Wake County, NC
  • Lyons G: Creating a Safer Pittsburgh
  • Roeper M.: Harris Park High Voltage Power Line Plan and Analysis