Geospatial Modeling and Analysis

Projects Spring 2013

Project titles by topics.

Coastal environment analysis

  • Steeves,Rebecca Blair: Potential Flooding Effects on the Eastern Coastline of Miami-Dade County from a Storm of Similar Type to Hurricane Sandy
  • Poteate,Aaron Samuel: The Use of Remote Sensing Data to Detect Shell Mounds and Aid in Project Planning
  • Henson,Jonathan Merle: Recent Hurricane Impacts on Dauphin Island, Alabama
  • Park,Yoonhee: Wilmington River road waterfront storm surge vulnerability & development suitability analysis
  • Lu,Chi: The impact of hurricanes on shoreline and elevation change of Outer banks from lidar time series

Atmospheric and climate science applications

  • Smith,Kara Ann: Impacts of climate and vegetation on dune migration in Jockey's Ridge, North Carolina

Watershed analysis and modeling

  • Bennett,James Clifford: Land Use effects on the South Fork, Milk River Watershed, Montana
  • Baker,Erik Matthew: Surface Hydrology Analysis in the Desert
  • Berger,Jared Philip: HydroFlow in the Berthoud Pass
  • Wessling Da Silva,Paula: Analysis of the influence factors on the discharge behavior of the Alonzo's River Watershed: Alto do IvaĆ­, PR (Brazil).
  • Kress,Matthew Z: Urbanization's Effect on Watershed Data at Millville, WV from 1946 to Today.
  • Liesch,Amanda Mae: Geospatial Relationship of Piedmont Soils that Determine Infiltration Capacity
  • Gale,Susan Marie: Geospatial analysis of vegetated riparian buffer extent and condition value using GIS

Vegetation mapping

  • Rice,Joshua Sayre: Relationships between canopy height and elevation derived terrain variables in paired southern Appalachian headwater watersheds.
  • Baynes,Jeremy Aaron: Tree Canopy Classification Using High Resolution Aerial Imagery and LiDAR
  • Whitacre,Andrew Charles: Tree Inventory Web Application for The City of Richmond Heights, Missouri
  • DeRolph, Christopher R: Estimating forest cover change in the Congo using Landsat 5 data
  • Shifflett,Shawn Dayson: Developing a methodology for modeling biomass production potential from short rotation woody crops in North Carolina.
  • Reyes, Wilmer Misael: Estimating the Vegetation Composition across topographically complex terrains using Lidar

Site and path analysis and optimization

  • Walden-Schreiner,Chelsey Alyssa: Terrain Effects on Off Trail Walking Behavior of Visitors to Bear Island, Maryland
  • Vargovich,James Joseph: Potential Site Locations in North Carolina for the Establishment of a New Lumber Mill
  • Shinsky,John William: Using GIS to Select Suitable Sites for an Endangered Species Reserve System Based on Specific Habitat Criteria
  • McNamar,Emily Michelle: Tucson's Charged Up! (Low-relief paths between charging stations and around town for plug-in vehicle battery efficiency)
  • Jones,Graham Carlton: Proposed Trail Additions Through Citico Creek Wilderness Area Using Least Cost Path Analysis Based on Elevation, Slope and Land Cover Data
  • Cobb III,John Gray: Exposure Analysis of a Road Network
  • Hammermann,Jamie Lynn: Targeting land acquisition based on conservation value and property
  • Balmat,Ginger Ann: Role of Geospatial Modeling in Relief Efforts Immediately After the Haiti Earthquake of 2010

Visualization and human-computer interaction

  • Rouse,Stewart D : Analyzing Data Visualizations Using Eye Tracking and ArcGIS
  • Harmon,Brendan: A Tangible Geospatial Model of Jockey's Ridge