Geospatial Modeling and Analysis

Projects Spring 2014

Project titles by class.


  • Georgina Shirley Identifying Access to Farmers' Markets in Wake County, NC
  • Cross,Bryan Identifying Safe Walking Routes to NCSU
  • Friedenberg,Dylan Determining Use of Solar Voltaic Panels (PV Cells) on Residential Housing in the Raleigh Brookhaven Neighborhood Based on Solar Irradiation, Elevation and Land Cover
  • Jensen,David Aaron Analysis of land-use change impact on wetlands/forests along the Cape Fear River in New Hanover County, North Carolina from 1960 – 2013.
  • Newby,Ashley Meredith Locating Old Revolutionary War March Road Beds Along the Overmountain Victory Trail
  • Stevenson,Elizabeth Rose (audit)
  • Velasquez Montoya,Liliana. Monitoring Beach Changes from Topo-Bathy Lidar. Implications for engineering interventions
  • Yang,Rui. Proposal: Climate Change Impact on Soybeans Insurance Policy in North Carolina


  • Birch,Andrew Lifur Spatial Modelling and Analysis of a Wastewater Land Application Site in Eastern NC.
  • Chapman,LeeAnna Young Project: Solar Energy Potential of Homes Surrounding the Amberfield Subdivision in NE Raleigh, NC
  • Facka,Aaron Neil Evaluation of changes in temperature through mediation from forest structure
  • Jones,James Earl Identifying ideal locations for privatized hunting preserves within Western North Carolina using GIS
  • Petras,Vaclav Wildfire modeling in GRASS GIS
  • Petrasova,Anna: Spatio-temporal visualization of soil properties
  • Shoemaker,Douglas: Projecting change in ecosystem regulation for a rapidly urbanizing region
  • Stopkova, Eva (visiting)
  • Wang,Yaojie (audit)
  • White,Angela Grace Effects of Coal-mining on Freshwater Mussels in the Clinch River, VA

GIS582-601 Distance

  • Avesing,Jennifer Rogers Modeling sea level rise and the effects it will have on conservation planning in eastern NC (Carteret County)
  • Blanchard,Timothy James An Investigation of Potential Rover Landing Sites in the Birt Crater Region of the Lunar Surface.
  • Burleson,John Customer Database Analysis
  • Clarke,Janet Lynn Examining the Relationship between Land Use, Soil Erosion, and Surface Water Quality in the Haw River Watershed
  • Clawson III,Kenneth David
  • Cutshaw,Shane Steven Least-Cost Analysis of the Pellissippi Parkway Extension in Blount County, TN
  • Eckert,James Brooks The Effects of Flooding on the Town of Oak Ridge in Guilford County, North Carolina
  • Farrow,Joshua Andrew Cave Run Lake Dam Breach Analysis and Flood Modeling (Morehead, Kentucky)
  • Hague,William Carmichael Modeling Water Surface Elevation Change During a Flood Event on the Swannanoa River in Asheville, NC
  • Kopsch,Brian Gregory Least Cost Path Methods Applied to Recreational Trails In Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Maisano,Ryan Impact of Increased Well Drilling on Watersheds in Northeastern Pennsylvania
  • Michaels,John New City of Oaks Marathon Course; A Least Cost Approach.
  • Miller,Jonathan William- Flood Analysis on South Buffalo Creek in Greensboro, NC
  • Refolo,John Perry - Development of FEMA Non-Regulatory Risk MAP Products for use in Flood Loss Estimations
  • Sadovy,Garik Cruise (audit)
  • Sanders,Larry Dean Highway Elevation Profile Analysis at Railroad Grade Crossings and Correlation of Train-Vehicle Crash History in Wake County, NC
  • Suttles,Kelly May Assessment of Watershed Vulnerability to Land-Use Change
  • Thomas,Anthony Layne Assessing and Visualizing Impact of Sea Level Rise on Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

MEA582-601 Distance

  • Dunbar,Jamie Current and Potential Effects of Sea-Level Change on Forest Health and Productivity in a Lower Coastal Plain Site, within Southwestern Hyde County, NCL
  • Dunnigan,Gregory Brian - Forest Fire Risk/Potential Map - Pee Dee National Forest, NC
  • Hedrick,Matt Geospatial Analysis on the Effects of Sea Level Rise in Dare County, NC
  • Jones,Andrew W Developing Productivity Zones from Wheat Harvest Yield Data
  • Jones,David Godfrey
  • Kumar,Sudha Suresh - Temporal Vegetation Change in Jockey’s Ridge State Park, NC
  • Mamar,Salifou Seydou
  • McLamb,Tony Matthew - Utility Expansion - Feasibility Analysis
  • McLean,Chase Alexander Analysis of chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) distribution in Oregon
  • Murphy,Patrick Russell
  • Short,Stephen Michael - Solar Energy Potential in DOT Right-of-Ways
  • Vinson,Donald Erik - The Geomorphology of Shackleford Banks at Cape Lookout, North Carolina
  • Wilson,Christopher Todd Identifying Existing and Most Suitable Roads for Safe Bicycling in Center City Charlotte and Surrounding Neighborhoods