Geospatial Modeling and Analysis

Projects Spring 2015

Projects organized by topics.

Natural resources management (water, soil, geology)

  • HOUSER MICHAEL THOMAS Stream Network Delineation from Digital Elevation Models
  • MCSWAIN KRISTEN BUKOWSKI - Water level and water quality spatial and temporal changes in the surficial aquifer, Bald Head Island, NC
  • CLELAND DAVID MICHAEL - Transport Model of Catastrophic Petroleum Release
  • ANDERSON DAVID GENE - Evaluation of non-point source pollution and erosion of Pipemaker’s Watershed
  • PILATO CHRISTINE ELISE - Utilizing Path Sampling to Monitor Hydraulic Fracturing in the Middle Susquehanna River Basin
  • MEYERS CALEB Evaluating Riverbank Erosion/Evolution Produced From LIDAR Time Lapse
  • POLLEN AUDRIANNA FITZGERALD Modeling potential soil erosion in two agricultural counties in NC
  • CHALLENER STEPHEN Patterns in Mineral Inclusions and Elemental Zoning in Half Dome Hornblendes
  • ADE CHRISTIANA Interactions Between Water Level, Topography, and Emergent Vegetation LC in Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta
  • OZEN SIBEL Watershed and Land Use Analysis in Hyde County, North Carolina.
  • LAWHON KEVIN HUGH - Modeling Sediment Deposition in Dahla Reservoir, Afghanistan

Epidemiology, biology, forestry

  • MIKEL DENNIS Analysis of Asbestos Movement in the Aftermath of 911
  • DUSCH MATTHEW RAYMOND - Establishing forest structure of Umstead State Park, Raleigh, NC from LIDAR derived forest metrics.
  • HASTINGS JOHN MICHAEL Gap Analysis of Genetically Significant Eastern & Carolina Hemlock Populations

Transportation, utilities, and search optimization

  • SOUTHWICK CHERIE ALINE - Where to build the next Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Asheville, NC
  • KYZER KATHERINE ELIZABETH Railroad Crossing viewshed in the mountains of North Carolina
  • JONES ALLEN NATHAN - LIDAR data for use in Electric Utility ROW Maintenance
  • CLINE ASHLEIGH L - Identifying Accessibility to Wake County Farmer's Markets
  • KOCH THOMAS - Ideal Location for Urban Agriculture Development Within the Downtown District of Wilmington, NC
  • FREEDMAN JONAH Using Cost Surface Analysis of Polk County for Public Transit Route Selection
  • ADAMCHAK JEFFREY JOHN Feasibility Study of Potential Solar Farm Locations in Botetourt County VA

Solar irradiation and energy potential analysis

  • MCELVEEN JR. STEPHEN KIRK - Solar potential analysis in downtown Savannah, Ga
  • BELICA LAURA -Geospatial model to estimate insolation along headwater streams
  • SABHIKHI RICKY KUMAR solar irradiation and energy potential

Atmospheric science applications

  • STEWART BROOKE COURTNEY - Climate Change Impacts on Energy Use for Air Conditioning in Texas
  • MCLELAND JACKLYN ELIZABETH - Environmental effects on wild fires in Washington
  • HAWBECKER PATRICK Identifying Wind Farm Locations of Highest Risk for Severe Winds in the Southern Great Plains

Coastal environment analysis, storm and tornado impacts

  • WADE DANIEL WILLIS - The impact of Sea Level Rise to Harkers Island, NC
  • SOX LESLIE JOHN - Geospatial Modelling and Visualization of Beach and Dune Evolution Before and Post Hurricane Irene at Fort Macon and Beaufort Inlet, NC.
  • MOODY ALEX - Salinization risk of fresh water ecosystems on the Albermarle-Pamlico Peninsula

Parks, recreation, archeology

  • CUMMINGS KACEY - Location analysis for single-track mountain bike trail in North Carolina
  • POMEROY SUSAN C Forecasting Optimal Stand-up Paddleboard Locations in the Mid-Atlantic
  • GARSHONG JR. ALFRED - Identifying suitable sites for zip line construction in the Nantahala National Forest
  • HOLDER JENNIFER LYNNE Time Series of Ceramic Artifacts at Parchman Place Mound Site, Mississippi
  • VOELLER SARAH KATHERINE Predictive Modeling of Archaeological Sites at Smith Mountain Lake, VA
  • HILL STEVEN FRANKLIN Lake Crabtree County Park Trails Alternative Site Analysis
  • FOLEY MOLLY KATHRYN Search-and-Rescue Helicopter Access Points in the Teton Mountain Range

Watershed analysis and flood modeling

  • WENDEL STEPHANIE ANN - Understanding the r.watershed module for development of a testing suite using GRASS’s Testing Framework and python.
  • TUTWILER MICHAEL - A Comparison of Software and Resolution Effects on DEM Stream Extraction in a Coastal Plain Headwaters Watershed
  • FAIRFAX ANTHONY EDWARD Using Flood Insurance Rate Map Panels and Census Data to Identify Population Growth Hotspots for Potential Hydrological Degradation and Flood Disaster Preparation