Geospatial Modeling and Analysis

Projects Spring 2016

Atmospheric science

  • William Reckling - Analyzing Weather Data from the Cloud for Outage Management
  • Gregory White - Departure from Normal Precipitation Values in the Continental United States Compared to Oceanic NiƱo Index (ONI) in the Pacific Ocean

Management of Natural Resources

  • Jacob Rutz - Suitability Mapping for New Farmers in NC
  • Alexey Katin - DO concentrations analysis in Neuse River
  • Devon Gaydos - Cost Surface for the Sonoma Tangible Landscape Model
  • Jacob Pearce - Climate Coat Change: Global Interpolation Analysis
  • Laura Kay - Residental Flood Risks and Analysis in Sneads Ferry, NC
  • Megan Amanatides - Predicting the Vulnerability of Alaskan Wetlands to Sea Level Rise
  • Michael Strunin - Defining Wetland Catchments on the Eastern Coastal Plain of North Carolina
  • Sarah Vincent - Determining Resource Management for Trails Based on Landslide Risk in Roosevelt National Forest, CO
  • Michael Vincent - Propose A Suitable Location for a Nuclear Power Generation Facility in North Central North Carolina

Watershed analysis, flood modeling, erosion

  • Donta' Fairey - Using GIS for flood simulation in Chesterfield valley, MO
  • Steven Henning - Rapid Development Affects On Erosion And Rainwater Flow For The City Of Daphne, Alabama Since 2001.
  • Brian Landahl - Determine Trails Susceptible to Erosion in North Carolina's Clemmons Educational State Forest
  • Srikanth Bellam - Ground water, Erosion and Deposition modelling of Spearfish, South Dakota
  • Daniel Quandt - Impact of Land Use Change on Armstrong Creek Watershed
  • Adam Lee -

Applications of proximity / cost surface analysis

  • Kyle Blessman - Cost Path Analysis from my appartment to where I park on campus
  • Fatema Baghdadi - cost path for bicycle route
  • Thomas MacGregor - Cost Path Analysis of the EcoPRT System
  • Nathaniel Simmons - Processing LiDAR Data and Creating a Least Cost Path Hiking /Biking Trail
  • Devon Gaydos - Cost Surface for the Sonoma Tangible Landscape Model
  • Michael Chuang - Cost path for pipeline route
  • Ian McIntosh - Analyze OpenStreetMap data
  • Sarah Searcy - Examining the Influence of Shared Use Path Proximity on Residential Property Values Using Cost Path Analysis
  • Jennifer Wood - Determining the Best Trail Route for Scenic Views at Youngs Mountain Trail Park in Rutherford County, NC

Topographic analysis

  • Darshan Divakaran - Processing & Analyzing UAV Data
  • Travis Howell - Canopy Height Model via UAS and LiDAR data
  • Anna Klevtcova - Exploring LiDAR technique for examination of vegetation properties utilizing GIS GRASS platform
  • Seth Church - Optimization of IDW Interpolation

Transportation, utilities, energy potential analysis

  • Susan Carl - Analysis of Traffic Stress for Cyclists in the CORE (Center of the Region Enterprise)
  • Jenna David - Potential Solar Energy Analysis of Fairfax County, VA

GIS development

  • Karen Andres Using GRASS GIS Python Scripting for Data Display, Visualization and Spatial Interpolation Methods