Geospatial Modeling and Analysis

Projects Spring 2018

Open source software contributions

  • Chad Dyke: r.spread.sod - GrassGIS Wiki Page Update and Tutorial Creation

Coastal and marine environment analysis

  • Baraza, Winnie: Assessing the impact of hurricane Matthew on Cape Hatteras, NC
  • Hahn Rebecca: Using GRASS to Examine the Morphometry of Submarine Volcanoes
  • Jouzi Zeynab: How does the construction of new highways affect landscape changes in Johns Island?
  • Travis Tobin: Analysis of Sea Level Rise Impacts on Infrastructure along the Outer Banks of North Carolina
  • White, Jason: Coastal Shoreline Time-Series Analysis of NC OBX (1999-2016)
Erosion modeling
  • Christopher Parker: The Thomas Fire: Assessing Post-Fire Erosion and Sediment Deposition
  • Stewart Andrea: Impact of land use legacy and topography on erosion in forested watersheds
  • Shaddy Alshraah:???
Flow modeling: flooding, streams, groundwater
  • Bouton, Elizabeth: 3D Modeling of Groundwater Flow and Contamination, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois
  • Dawson, Victor:???
  • Gillespie, Kaila: The Change of Model Flooding and Stream Network Before and After Mount St. Helens Eruption
  • Negm, Lamyaa: ???
  • Ross, William: Determination of onset of bridge flooding using lidar elevation data and flood inundation data
  • Stewart Lucian: Detecting Changes in Stream Flow Dynamics as a Result of Land Cover and Topographic Change in Greenbrier County, West Virginia
  • Tryzbiak, Craig: Flood Inundation Mapping of the Lumber River at Lumberton
Trail impact analysis and design, least cost path applications
  • Charping, Charlie: Geo-Spatial Analysis for Mountain Bike Trail Design and Sustainability
  • Allison Vo: Tracking the development of trails in Mt. Rainier Naitonal Park using Lidar
  • Ashly Padgett: Pacific Northwest High Speed Train Implementation Cost Analysis
Topographic analysis, renewable energy and wildlife habitat
  • Harrel, Christopher: Comparing interpolation methods for tracking sand dune migration in the Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado
  • Jonas William:???
  • Lowery Dakota: Potential Renewable Energy Locations in Robeson County
  • Stewart, Michael: Linking topographic traits in north-central Minnesota to preferred Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) nesting habitat
Atmospheric science
  • Levi Lovell: Analysis of Historical North Carolina Tornadoes