Geospatial Modeling and Analysis

Projects Spring 2019

Topographic analysis and flow modeling

  • Andrews Paul: Annual Precipitation Trend in the Oconaluftee River Watershed and Its Correlation with Baseflow
  • Garcia, Cody: A UAV Case Study - From 2D to 3D Utilizing Structure from Motion and Open Source Software.
  • Duboscq, Sandrine: Basin Delineation and Contamination Proximity Analysis in Bladen Co., North Carolina
  • Franz, Christopher: Flood and shade modeling around a private residence in Apex, NC
  • Hanks, Phil: Identifying the land change in the aftermath of Kilauea volcanic eruption on the Island of Hawaii.
  • Hong, Xena: Exploring Correlations Between Stream Length and Catchments on Elevation
  • Kesselring, Todd: 10 Acre Hydrology or looking for the best way for water, human, land, and the local ecosystem to work together
  • Veraldi Shannon: Agricultural Water Runoff and the Relationship with Developed Land

Transportation, infrastructure, least cost path applications and siting analysis

  • Albert, James: Identifying Optimal Path for Utility Infrastructure for Potential Urban Growth Areas
  • Brown, Tamika: The Implications of Race and Income In Determining Hazardous Waste Facility Sites
  • Heetderks, Eli: Cost Surface Analysis of Transportationally Disadvantaged North Carolina Communities
  • Lippert, Colleen: Modeling Travel Time - Google vs. ArcGIS
  • Myers, Anthony: Least Cost Path by Fire Station to Calls for Service Hot Spots
  • Oberrender, Daniel: Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (Describe Environmental Effects on Operations) in a megacity

Vegetation and habitat mapping and analysis, plant disease modeling

  • Conrad, Joel: Estimating Forest Canopy Density and Height of Tahoe National Forest using Point Cloud Data.
  • Lor, Doua: Investigating Forest Structure of William B. Umstead State Park, NC using Lidar Data
  • Teears, Thom: Estimation of Seasonal and Latitudinal Spatial Gradients of Sheepshead Using Spatiotemporal Surface Models

Solar and wind energy potential mapping

  • Griffin, Mark: Solar Farm vs. Tree Farm, Determining Optimal Land Use in Bladen County, NC
  • Johnson, Matthew: Uptown Charlotte, NC Solar Irradiation Levels and Energy Potential
  • Lewis, Brandon: Examining Wind Energy Potential Resource and Proximity along the Coast of North Carolina
  • Ling, Xinyi: Finding potential sites for a solar center among universities in North Carolina
  • Wheaton, James: Seeing if Solar Panels are Practical in my Neighborhood, Calculating Solar Energy Potential
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  • Colia, Benjamin: Employing a Continuous Lidar Surface to Align Wastewater Network Node Elevations in Vail, Colorado
  • Cummings, John: Raleigh Bike/Ped: A feasibility Analysis of Hypothetical Alternative Transportation Routes in North Raleigh, NC
  • Wilson, Calaen: Holden beach landforms evolution