Geospatial Modeling and Analysis

Projects Spring 2019

Topographic analysis, coastal change and flood modeling, watershed analysis

  • Travis Newton: Creating a coastal change model of America Samoa for determining the socio-economic impacts of urban housing and agricultural land using LIDAR technology.
  • Michael Mirolli: Geospatial Technology LiDAR Flood Water Mapping Model Using ArcPro in Newton County, Georgia.
  • Teitsworth, Eric: Identifying Watershed Instability of the Neuse River Basin at the 12-Digit HUC Level
  • Kari Signor: Exploring lava flow effects on surrounding landscape characteristics during the 2018 eruption of Kilauea Volcano, HI
  • Spear, Michael: Tracking the movement and morphological evolution of Oregon Inlet, North Carolina over time

Vegetation and habitat mapping and analysis, plant disease modeling

  • Watts Matthew: Comparing Land Use and Land Cover in Gatlinburg, Tennessee before and after 2016 Wildfires
  • Jaimie Nevins: Examining beaver movement and habitat preference across Fort Bragg Military Installation, North Carolina.
  • Xi Liu: Analysis of Thomas Wildlife and Air Pollutants in Southern California in 2017 using Ventura and Santa Barbara as Selected Sites.
  • Jared Poe: Using Sentinel-2 Imagery to Explore Impacts of Urban Development

Transportation, infrastructure, least cost path applications and siting analysis

  • Justin Castrati: Analyzing 2009 to 2020 Student Location Movement Within Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools
  • Brooke Hatcher: Identifying Potential Isolated Communities for Disaster Response – Geospatial Cost Accumulation Approach
  • Jillian Robson: Developing New Hiking Trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • Moley Ursula: South Carolina Military Installation Potential 100ac Solar Farm to Reduce Government Costs
  • Peter Erlenbach: LCP Modeling and Comparison for Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Lee Samantha: Completeness of Open Street Map for the City Center of Charlotte, NC and modeling the building elevation for 3D visualization
  • Dennis Nicholas: Predictive Model for Charter School Site Selection