Geospatial Modeling and Analysis

3. Geospatial Analysis

3.A Global, zonal and focal operations, map algebra

  • global and zonal statistics, neighborhood, focal operations
  • raster map algebra
    • expressions, operators, functions and variables
    • basic calculations, integer and floating point data
    • "if" conditions, handling NULLs and creating masks
  • raster map patching and overlay
  • raster map reclassification and rescaling


Supplemental materials:

Assignment part A

3.B Buffers, cost surfaces, least cost path

  • measuring distance, proximity operators
  • point, line, and area buffers
  • cost surfaces, least cost path


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Supplemental materials:

Assignment part B

Homework 3. A and B

Prepare a paper on applications of global and zonal statistics, neighborhood operations and map algebra for analysis of continuous and discrete geospatial data. In this paper also explain and demonstrate the use of buffers and cost surfaces for solving proximity problems. Comment on specific results for the study area and given tasks.