GIS/MEA 584:
Mapping and Analysis Using UAS

Schedule and links to material

  • Schedule will be adjusted as needed during the semester.
  • In-class and on-line sessions are optional (but encouraged)
Week Lecture/Assignment Topic and Project Tasks Assignment due date
May 13-15 Introduction to the course Topic 1: UAS basics
A. Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems and
B. Rules and regulations for UAS operations
  • listen to the lectures,
  • assignment 1A: prepare presentation on UAS applications,
  • assignment 1B: UAS Rule Part 107 test subset
1A (presentation) due May 19th,
1B (test subset) due May 20th
May 18-22 Topic 2: Structure from Motion
A. From images to 3D models: Photogrammetry and Structure from Motion concepts
  • Listen to the lecture
  • assignment 2A: 3D models from indoor photos

Project: Submit proposal
2A will be due June 5th (together with 2B)
Project proposal due May 29th
May 25-29 Topic 3: UAS flight planning
  • Listen to the lecture and Intro to flight planning
  • Monday May 25th on-line help session for the assignment at 1:30pm
UAS FLIGHT on Wed May 27th at 1:30pm -CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 Topic 2: Structure from Motion B. UAS Imagery processing
  • Listen to the lectures and into to the assignment
  • Friday May 29th on-line help session for the assignment at 1:30pm
Project: Start data acquisition
Assignment 3 (flight planning) due June 1st
Assignment 2 (A and B) due June 5th
June 1-5

Topic 4: GIS analytics
A. Analysis of UAS data processing results
B. Point cloud data analysis: point clouds, surfaces, and voxel models

  • Listen to the lectures
  • Thursday June 4th on-line help session for the assignment at 1:30pm
Project: finalize data acquisition, data processing
4A and B due June 9th
June 8-12

Topic 5: Advanced analytics
A. UAS and lidar data: comparison, fusion and analysis
B. Analysis of multitemporal UAS data and its applications

  • Listen to the lectures
  • Wednesday June 10th on-line help session for the assignment at 1:30pm
Project: analysis of the results, preparing presentation and paper
Project presentation and paper requirements, final project titles
5A and B due June 17th
June 15-16 Project presentations (See the requirements and project titles)
  • record your presentation (recordings also due June 15th),
    • use: Open Broadcaster Software (tutorial), MS Powerpoint, Libre Office, or any other software with similar recording functionality.
    • Upload the presentation to Moodle or, if the file is too big, upload your file to Google drive and share it with the instructor. Please keep the presentation to 10 minutes and name your file LastnameFirstname_Presentation.avi, LastnameFirstname_Presentation.pptx (or whatever format you use).
  • Finish project paper and upload it to Moodle as a pdf file LastnameFirstname_Paper.pdf
    For archiving purposes also submit a complete course work in a ZIP file
    • the ZIP file should include: project paper, presentation slides and all homework papers
    • Upload your work as a single ZIP file to your Google drive and share it with the instructor.
Presentations due June 15th
Final paper due June 16th

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