GIS/MEA 584:
Mapping and Analysis Using UAS

Workshop topics


Module Topics
MODULE 1 – Before you buy What is a UAS? What can a UAS do? Why do I need a drone? How do I choose a drone? Presentation of the systems: Day 1
MODULE 2 Before you fly Can I fly my drone? Do I need a certificate? If so, how do I obtain one? Day 1
MODULE 3 – Preparing a flight mission How do I fly to obtain the data I need? How do I plan a flight? Day 1
MODULE 4 - Flight mission meeting point: Mid Pines Rd Raleigh; 35.727104, -78.696173,
  • Site evaluation
  • Risk assessment
  • UAS pre-flight
  • UAS operations
  • Post-flight
Day 2
MODULE 5 - UAS data I’ve successfully completed a flight – now what? Why do I need to process the pictures? Day 2
MODULE 6 - Imagery processing What are my options for data processing? Setting the processing workstations and data Day 2
MODULE 7 Imagery processing – Practice session Day 3
MODULE 8 – Processing outputs Reading and analyzing the processing outputs Day 3
MODULE 9 – Resources Day 3